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Damage to Power Regulators (Power Supply) blocks on Chinese brand TV Machines, usually not too complicated, when compared to damage to other blocks, especially now there are also many replacement devices for this Power Regulator (parts) block available in the market.

Some Causes of Power Regulator Damage / Power Supply on Television Machines

This type is widely circulated in the market, used to replace the default Power Regulator on the tv machine. Replacement is usually done if the repair conditions are no longer possible , such as: many components have been scorched or also the path conditions are printed on the PCB board is a lot of broken etc.. The voltage generated in this Power Regulator ( Switching ), usually has a fairly complete Voltage, namely:

Figure Power Switching Market Regulator
Power Regulator
  1. 0V ~ 185V - for Video Voltage / Cathode / RGB.
  2. 0V ~ 90V / 115V - for Horizontal Voltage.
  3. 0V ~ 24V - for Vertical Voltage + Driver Horizontal.
  4. 0V ~ 16V - for Audio Power Voltage.
  5. 0V ~ 12V - for Voltage IC Program (+ support component) + Chroma IC (+ support component), divided into DC 5Volt and DC 8Volt .
Power Regulator (Switching) has a large size based on its use, namely: Power Regulator for 14-Inch to 21-Inch and Power Regulator for 25-Inch up to 29-Inch . In general Power Regulators for 14-Inch can be used for the type of 21-inch, and vice versa. For the process, by removing the default Switching Transformer, then replace it with the External Regulatory Power Voltage (External), which corresponds to the television machine.

Power Switching Gacun

Use of Power Switching with this Gacun brand , often used by tv technicians, to replace the damage to the Power Regulator's (block) section. Power Switching of this type is the type of Power Regulator Replacement, which is Universal, so it can be used as a replacement Power Supply on other types of electronic devices, such as LCD TV, Monitor, and Power (Speaker) Active and so forth.

Use of Power Switching Gacun brand is very Practical, as we know with this Gacun has 3 pieces of cable with the color Red (B +) , Black (Ground) and Blue (pulse input). In practice the installation by: Release the default Power regulator Transistor, then replace the Collector Position with Red Colored Cable (B +) then connect the Black Colored Cables contained in this Power Switching Gacun to the Ground Power Supply on the television machine. With the installation of 2 Cableswhich is in the Gacun, usually the device / television can be turned on again. Next set VR (Trimpot) to adjust the required voltage.

Voltage Line to Install Toxic on Power Switching LED / LCD TV
Strip Line Gacun Power Switching for LCD / LED TV
See full description of How to Install this Gacun Power Switching Brand , on page: How to Install "Gacun" Power Switching TV .

Kerusa kan Power Supply on Type TV L CD / LED also common p no component sepe RTI: K apasitor (Elco) - Leaky / Reduced Capacity and D IODA ( Short / Korsl et ) for the TEG a ngan DC 5V her, so j ug a on E lco High voltage 100mF220mF / 400V - 450V (Leak / Decrease Kapasitanya), as well as to damaged late Short / Shorting the TR / FET on Power Supply t ersebut , as already contained in ha pages: Damage Short Regulator (Power Supply) on Compaq CQ1569 LCD Monitor . If the find " T egangan Down's angat Low ", there may be a diode that S hort, fairy ksa also pa da all Capacitors (elco) yaang may sa ja s already DECREASING kapasit ansinya.

Some Causes of Power Supply Damage on Chinese TV Machinery, Damage to power regulator type of TV brand China (TV Machinery Market)

Figure Blok Power Regulator TV China
Blok "Power Regulator" Mesin TV brand China

Block Circuit "Power Supply Regulator" Chinese brand TV Machine (WCOM, Hua Jia etc.)

Figure and Scheme of China's Power Supply TV Regulator Block
Skema blok Power Supply Regulator 14" - 21"
  1. Damage (Short) Transistor Regulator (Power) - The most common cause is: Due to the excessive heat on the transistors, some of them are caused by damage to the Filter component (Damper) which consists of a high voltage capacitor connected directly to the collector's footon the transistor this + 68 Ohm resistor to DC + 400V , this causes the entry of high frequency that exceeds the capacity and power of the transistor regulator, thus causing the transistor to be damaged (short).
  2. Damage (Short) Transistor Drivers - These transistors usually use the C3807 serial number, if the measurement turns out to be damaged , there is usually damage to the part before or after the circuit.
  3. Damage to Oscillators (Generators) Regulators - Power supply transistors in this power supply circuit usually use transistors with serial number A1015 . This damage is often found in addition to the transistor itself is a 120K ohm Resistor mounted series using the same size, which is connected directly to DC + 300V to Emittor feet on the transistor, commonly found one of them is Disconnect, so there is no voltage to to enable the power plant transistor in this power regulator circuit. Replace the component, if after the replacement the voltage is still below the required voltage, usually the damage to the component type Diode ( 1N4148 ) associated with this power Transistor, some cases have been found, the diode is half Short condition , resulting in the Voltage out on Power Regulator to Drop, such thing can be observed with blinking Indicator light on the TV machine.
  4. Damage to the Bridge Rectifier - This component is usually arranged like a bridge, consisting of four silicon diodes arranged in such a way, for an alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), with a voltage ranging from DC 300V to 400V , as the main power supply on the TV's Power Regulator. On the other side .. This rectifier Bridge Diode adapula that uses a kind of Typical Diode, this type of component can usually be recognized on the number of feet on the component are: 4 Legs (see description of Diodes on the page: Basic Electronics - Diode Components ). Damage to this Bridge Rectifier Diode , one of which is Cause Shorting (Short) Electrical Voltage .


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